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Stop2Go - Vegan Grape Leather Strap


With its strikingly robust design featuring a crown-less case, the stop2go watch encapsulates the true essence of the iconic Swiss Railways station clock. The classic white dial and 41 mm brushed stainless steel case are paired with a black vegan grape leather strap. Equipped with the exclusive and unique Swiss Made stop2go movement resembling that of the Swiss Railways clock it showcases a 2-second time stop. The watch also features the patented BackLight technology that lets the underside of the hands glow and allows the time to be read in darkness. The watch comes with a time setting pen to easily adjust time and align hands.



Item Number:     MST.4101B.LBV.2SE

Measures:            Stainless Steel Case 41mm

Dial:                        White and Black Accents with the Iconic Red Hand

Material:               Black Vegan Leather and Sapphire crystal glass is rated at 9H on Mohs Hardness Scale

Closure Type:     Traditional Buckle


FUNCTIONS - Swiss-made quartz movement

Water Resistant - 30mt

Mondaine Stop2Go MST.4101B.LBV.2SE

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