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Swiss Railways Evo2 


This evo2 seasonal watch color can be traced back to nature. The watch showcases a 35mm stainless steel case with a polished finish and a 'Turquoise Lake' dial which takes its inspiration from the stunningly crystal-clear blue water of Swiss lakes, a true national treasure and a breathtaking spectacle. The “Turquoise Lake” coloured dial is a reminder of Mother Nature’s power and allure, serving as a breath of fresh air and, by extension, a slice of emotional well-being that can be worn on the wrist every day.



Item Number:     MSE.35140.SM

Measures:            Stainless Steel Case 35mm, Strap 18mm

Dial:                        Turquoise Lake with Silver-tone Accents and Iconic Red Hand

Material:               Stainless Steel and Sapphire crystal glass is rated at 9H on Mohs Hardness Scale

Closure Type:     Push Down Clasp


FUNCTIONS - Swiss-made RONDA 503 RL quartz movement

Water Resistant - 30mt

Mondaine Evo2 MSE.35140.SM

SKU: MSE.35140.SM
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